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Thread: VDP using a multiple page master.

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    Default VDP using a multiple page master.

    I'm trying to do what is essentially a mail merge out of Microsoft Publisher. The pages are built as single 5.5x8.5 pages, imposed as a saddle stitch to create a 2 signature letter layout, landscape. The only area that changes is the mailing address on page 1. I wasn't sure if you can impose a master using the Fiery, or if our customer even has Impose, so I created the master as 11x8.5 with the pages imposed. Then I just have to select 2 sided to print the layout.

    I printed the variable to do a test, 5 pages as landscape on 11x8.5, and whenever I try to use the master page in VDP, it errors out saying orientation mismatch. I have double, triple, and viewed the ripped files, and they're both landscape. Not sure why I'm getting this error, or if this is even possible to do?

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    In my experience here are some possible gotchas which maybe tripping you up.
    • Does the master show up in the Fiery in portrait orientation, with the variable in landscape (or vice versa)? I think you can check with process and hold and look at the previews to determine this.
    • Both the print file as well as the master have to be in the same "plex". If the master is simplex and the variable is duplex you will get an error. This is as they show up from the print driver... You can not change the "plex" of the document using the CWS properties for VDP printing, the settings must come from the driver.
    • Both the master and the variable have to have the same page layout. If your master is letter size sheets and the variable is bookletized half letter from the driver properties (or vice versa) you will get errors.

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