I'm trying to do what is essentially a mail merge out of Microsoft Publisher. The pages are built as single 5.5x8.5 pages, imposed as a saddle stitch to create a 2 signature letter layout, landscape. The only area that changes is the mailing address on page 1. I wasn't sure if you can impose a master using the Fiery, or if our customer even has Impose, so I created the master as 11x8.5 with the pages imposed. Then I just have to select 2 sided to print the layout.

I printed the variable to do a test, 5 pages as landscape on 11x8.5, and whenever I try to use the master page in VDP, it errors out saying orientation mismatch. I have double, triple, and viewed the ripped files, and they're both landscape. Not sure why I'm getting this error, or if this is even possible to do?