I have a customer with the latest Fiery Vue. Everything was working fine until recently. Now at least one computer is having problems.

With PDF documents the options for Booklet, staple, and similar items don't show up when we add those file types.

With the same printer selected as above, MS Office Documents have options for staple, booklet, etc. and MS Office Documents work fine.

Finally the Right-Click, Open with Fiery Vue option is no longer available.

IIRC the customer has Win 7 x64, MS Office 2010, Acrobat Reader 11, Fiery Vue 1.3.7.

Any ideas why?? How can we get things working again??


Note: Uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling Fiery Vue doesn't seem to help. Removing and readding printers along with power cycling the Fiery & copier don't seem to help either.

In addition the customer has recently had a lot of [version] changes to their Command Workstation and other apps recently and I figure "something" is getting in the way of Fiery Vue .... Figuring out which change caused the problem could be a little more difficult.