Fiery JobFlow 1.1 is available.

For details about what is new in this release, we recommend reviewing the information at where you will find the whats's new page, an updated installation guide and a new how-to about new features in the preflight and correct modules.

Here are some of the key new features in Fiery JobFlow 1.1:
  • We have added support for Enfocus Smart Variables in the Preflight and Correct modules. This exciting new feature brings a lot of power to Preflight Profiles and Action Lists and we have updated the how to to make sure you can start using this as quickly as possible.
  • We have added the ability to manage custom Enfocus Preflight Profiles and Action Lists from Fiery JobFlow.
  • An improved installation experience. If there is anything that prevents an installation of Fiery JobFlow we have made sure you know exactly what the challenge is.

Most of the workarounds I posted at this forum have actually been addressed in this new version so I will update them in the next couple of days.

Hans Sep
Product Owner Fiery JobFlow