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Thread: Random files in OS X print queue Xerox 700

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    Default Random files in OS X print queue Xerox 700

    Hi All,

    Has anyone out there ever come across this situation before?

    (Please see attached pic)

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    We are printing from OS X 10.8.3 to a Xerox 700 with embedded Fiery (v1.5).

    When we send a basic 1 page A4 job from text edit 6 files are created in the print queue the first 5 are all labeled Command_(something). After approx 4 minutes the first file disappears form the queue. After another 4 minutes the next job disappears.

    This continues for the first 5 randomly named Command_ files. Once they have all gone the print job processes and disappears form the queue and is promptly outputted from the printer.

    So that's 20 minutes for 1 single page text file with the word 'test' on it!

    I am convinced this is a driver issue becasue if we swap the driver to the apple generic PS driver it works as normal and pages releases in a few seconds- no random files in the queue at all.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 700 driver (redownloaded the latest from Xerox web site), and also reset the OS X print system

    So......... any ideas what is causing these extra files?

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    Please try removing the print drivers using the Fiery delete utility and then downloading and installing the newest 10.8 drivers from
    Thanks, Craig

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    Default Also have Issue

    According to the Release notes EFI have said that "Apple have verified this is a bug".

    I assume this means that is this is an apple problem, if EFI recieve information regarding a fix I would greatly appriciate it if they could reply to this post or an Admin could send me an email.


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    Default Issue fixed on Xerox 700i - 700 still issues

    I have now seen this same issue with several iMacs running 10.8.2 and 10.8.3 printing to an embedded 700i. When installed at the start of this year all print queues were working, but in the last week or so users started to see extra files in the print queue.

    At the advise of Craig's post i downloaded the 700i embedded driver from the Fiery link, ran the uninstaller and then re-set up the queues. Now all appears to be working well.

    Cannot say if this will apply to the previous issue reported, which was an embedded 700. Xerox second level have advised that the issue is being looked at. The only solution for that customer is to print to the 700 using the generic PS driver included in OS X and access Fiery options via CWS.

    We did discover that the if logged in as the root user on the Mac (not recommended) the Fiery driver works fine. It looks like some sort of permissions issue in this case. We are looking to try the Fiery drivers in the next few days.

    Just to reiterate - if you have this issue on a 700 you can use the Apple generic PS driver to send jobs then tweak in CWS.

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