Hi All,

Has anyone out there ever come across this situation before?

(Please see attached pic)

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We are printing from OS X 10.8.3 to a Xerox 700 with embedded Fiery (v1.5).

When we send a basic 1 page A4 job from text edit 6 files are created in the print queue the first 5 are all labeled Command_(something). After approx 4 minutes the first file disappears form the queue. After another 4 minutes the next job disappears.

This continues for the first 5 randomly named Command_ files. Once they have all gone the print job processes and disappears form the queue and is promptly outputted from the printer.

So that's 20 minutes for 1 single page text file with the word 'test' on it!

I am convinced this is a driver issue becasue if we swap the driver to the apple generic PS driver it works as normal and pages releases in a few seconds- no random files in the queue at all.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 700 driver (redownloaded the latest from Xerox web site), and also reset the OS X print system

So......... any ideas what is causing these extra files?