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Thread: JDF enabled on Fiery's but DSF RPC says they are non-JDF

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    Default JDF enabled on Fiery's but DSF RPC says they are non-JDF

    I've enabled JDF on an E-41, 2 x EB1357, and a Ricoh Pro C720 - I can see these using remote print center in Digital StoreFront but the RPC reports that these Fiery's are non-JDF. What am I missing? Do I need to install the old Fiery JDF Connector server on the same RPC host? If so where is the latest version because the links at go to the download centre but the Fiery JDF Connector isn't there.

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    I've seen this on an IC306. Did you try to manually add the Fiery using the JDF URL?

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    Default Manually add Fiery to DSF if you encounter timeout issues

    You should be able to manually add those Fiery servers to DSF as long as JDF has been enabled in the Fiery server's Configure app. This is most likely being caused by a time-out issue, where DSF is not getting a response quickly enough from your Fiery servers. DSF 6.2 adds an option to extend the timeout for networks where this is an issue. The configuration is done in a text file on the DSF server itself.
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    Default Extend response time

    Thanks Mark,

    Can you please advise which file and how what variable(s) to change in order to extend the allowable timeout?

    - Regan.

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