Hello fellow Fiery users!

A costumer is expiriencing a bit of troubles the drivers for the Xerox 550. Most of you know that applications like Photoshop provide a 32Bit and a 64Bit executable. The problem is not only per se with those 32Bit executables but with some others like Adobe FreeHand which due to their age dont provide 64Bit executables.

Now if we print from a 32Bit application on the 64Bit OS sometimes the driver crashes. In fact the modules that crash are the splwow64.exe (This is the Spooler-Wrapper for translating 32Bit Code to 64Bit Code) and the EF417871.dll (which is included in the driver for the printer, in our case a Xerox 550 with Fiery EX 560 1.1 SP5). The driver is the Windows 7 64Bit driver (which is distributed via a Windows 2008 Server). Ill try if I can reproduce the problem right now. I will try the new driver for Windows 8 too since it has a newer EF417871.dll.

Since googling the problem with the crashing splwow64.exe comes up with numerous Windows hot fixes we are not sure which one really may fix the problem.

Are there any appearances of this problem allready?