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Thread: Calibration issues on Canon Imagepress c6010 in CWS 5

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    Default Calibration issues on Canon Imagepress c6010 in CWS 5

    When I measure a calibration swatch my d-max for black reads actual target of 1.2
    The intended target is 1.54. I am trying to explain to my Canon technician that the actual target is much too low, and the Fiery can not compensate for such a low reading. Can someone explain better how the calibration curves work. From my understanding, if the curve registers higher than the intended target, that is O.K. because the Fiery will compensate. But if the curve is lower than the intended target, there is a service issue with the machine.

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    Default D Max

    Spot on explanation! If Canon Techs dont understand they should not be servicing youre engine.

    Try to get them to replace the starter toner! This will get your D max on the right track again. There is a procedure that lets you change starter toner yourselve. Ask for it! If you want to colormanage this engine you need it!!
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    I will explore doing the starter. My issue with the black density came about when my machine suffered a power surge that knocked out the black/magenta color sensors. Black has been off ever since. My Oce (Canon) tech has replaced starter/ drums / color sensors, control boards. Still can not get the black density over 1.35 s/b 1.54
    They have put a hold on my service because of a low humidity environmental condition. They will not do any more service until the room where the 6010 is operating is above 30% rel. hum. We operate in a warehouse where during the winter months the rel hum drops to 20%. Now it is spring and my rel hum is 35% on average, but the black density is still too light. Tech will be here tomorrow to start "spring cleaning".
    The techs have shown to have very limited understanding of how the Fiery Color management works with the canon. I have been told I calibrate too much (is there such a thing). Tech tried to create profiles in Fiery and manipulate curves to give me the color I was looking for. He also compares my machine to another print shop with similar problems. They run different profiles for every job, with the curves manipulated. I told him it appears to me he has messed up two machines, that did not go over too well.
    If the machine is not producing the full color range it is capable of, manipulating curves will never compensate for that fact. They simply do not understand.

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