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Thread: How-To: Backup Calibration Sets

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    Default How-To: Backup Calibration Sets

    We want to upgrade IC-414 v 1.1 to v 1.2 by KM dealer
    How we Backup all Calibration Sets from E100 65-55C-KM v 1.1 to use it on new E100 65-55C -KM v 1.2
    since function Manage calibration settings have only /Create New, Edit and Delete/ but not Export, Import

    Custom created output profiles is OK, they have Export, Import


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    Unhappy Automatic backup/restore of calibration settings

    With Fiery system 10 and later, you do not have to manually backup the calibration settings. When you export an output profile, its corresponding calibration settings are automatically embedded in the exported ICC file.

    When you import this ICC to a compatible model (same Fiery Job Properties and same toner set), the calibration settings will be automatically extracted from the ICC, and installed. This guarantees that the fiery always knows what the original printer settings were when an output profile was created.

    So just export your profiles and reload them in your new system. The calibration sets will follow automatically.

    Note: before System 10, the Fiery did not have this capability to import and export calibration sets. You then need to manually re-create calibration sets

    Even with newer systems, when Job Properties in the new server significantly differ from the Job Properties of the original, you will also need to manually recreate equivalent calibration settings. This is because of the differences between both systems are preventing an exact duplication of JP (and possibly of color)...

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    Thank you very much for the good news.

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