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Thread: IC408 Job Processing is too long

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    Default IC408 Job Processing is too long

    Fiery IC408 version 2.0 System 8 with Bizhub C6500.

    Job processing file (Raster Image Processing) is too long after reinstall System Software.

    Please help me...
    thank you

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    You don't give many details as far as history for this Fiery. So I will assume files processed fast enough before the software reload, but not since.

    This Fiery has had dozens of patches (both Windows security and bug-fix) released for it over the years.

    Have you enabled Remote Desktop on that Fiery, and then remoted to it to run System Updates utility so that all patches have been installed?

    If you need assistance to do this, or to troubleshoot this issue, please contact your KM dealer.

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