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Thread: Uninstalling Service Pack 4

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    Default Uninstalling Service Pack 4

    I have just been informed that there is a known issue with service pack 4 on a xerox 700i. I was told to use the uninstall servive pack download but this won't work as there has been a patch installed after the service pack. Is there a way to delete the patch so the service pack will uninstall or is there another way of uninstalling the service pack. Thanks for any help.

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    Thank you for your question. There is a known minor issue with SP4. If you send a job to a specific tray and that tray runs out of paper, the job will not resume after the paper is loaded. EFI will be releasing a patch for that shortly. In the meantime, you can try to keep the paper trays full, or if needed, rebuild the Fiery using the USB Prep Tool and do not install SP4.
    Thanks, Craig

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