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Thread: Unable to tell identity of a Konica Minolta S450 model

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    Default Unable to tell identity of a Konica Minolta S450 model

    We have an S450 missing its front panel door that we picked up that either seems to be an IKON or Konica Minolta S450, but we're not sure which or which machine it goes to. We've loaded v3.0A IKON software for the IKON version of the C6500 and it never finishes the USER DVD portion, then when rebooted all we get is a tiny Fiery logo in the upper left hand corner of the LCD and it does nothing. The same happens when we load the true Konica Minolta software v3.0 for the C6500. It came with the C6500 45042307 B1 SEQUOIA video board installed. We then tried the Konica Minolta IC-302 System Software v2.1 and got the same locked up/tiny Fiery logo result. However, when we installed the IKON v2.1 software for the IKON version of the C500, the software completed but locks up on starting up the card onscreen. We then installed the C500 Fiery video board 45025905 A2 TAURUS and then booted the unit and got the HARDWARE MISMATCH boot down. We're stuck - what are we doing wrong? Is it that the IC-303 or the IKON version of the same unit can only go up to v2.1? Or is the video board for the C500 we are using the wrong one? It came from an S300. We'd like to get this unit up and working, but we're stumped on its identity. The back EFI silver label states Model: S450-08, Part Number 45057751, Serial Number: T00089646. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided on this puzzle.

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    So....when you obtained this mystery machine, did it boot to Idle OK at that time?
    Or has it never come up since you got it?

    I verified that "S450-08" and PN 45057751 is an Ikon S-450 built to work with CPP650 (C6500) - class engine. The very last system software version it shipped with was v3.0

    The KM versions of software for their equivalent S-450's (IC-303) WILL NOT work your Ikon S-450
    The system software for Ikon and KM S-450's for CPP500 (C500) WILL NOT work on your Ikon S-450.

    That Fiery should have the 45042307 "Sequoia" card in it.

    You could install DVD drive and HDD on another PC to verify those components are working (delete partitions on HDD, create one max size partiton, then see if a format completes successfully)

    Also, maked sure PATA cable from DVD drive is plugged into PATA connection at lower right corner of motherboard.

    Make sure HDD SATA cable is plugged into correct port. Look to lower right corner of motherboard. You will see four SATA ports. HDD must plug into the lower left of these ports

    This Fiery comes standard with 2 ea. 512MB (slots #1 and #3 from the top) PC2-5300 DDR2-667 memory. That is minimum memory config.
    Maybe they need to be re-seated, or one of them is bad?

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