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Thread: Printer not certified

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    working great, then upgraded to the 1.3.3 version. Fiery Vue will not allow me to print telling me that the "printer is not certified." Konica Minolta support told me to come here, and to order a fiery firmware upgrade at the same time, my firmware may be out of sync with the new version.

    My bad for doing this in the middle of a production run.

    Any quick answers to get around it or back to the previous verison of Fiery Vue?

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    This might be worth a try.

    Please delete your printer and recreate it from within Fiery VUE. If this does not resolve the problem please let us know the model of copier and Fiery controller you are using.

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    Cool c/J75 xerox certified

    Even though the C75 and J75 show as being certified printers , when we try to connect with Vue 1.3.3 it tells that the printer is not certified. Whats up?

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