Hi All

I have a challenge that I can’t seem to crack my self and need some help as soon as possible.
our customer has a Workcentre 7535 with a EFI Fiery controller.

The process is:
Take a 16 page job from word, A4.
Print to EFI with “Create VPD Master”

Then create a 16 page word file (blank pages) and make a “MergeCell” for addresses.
This merge cell is placed on the 16th page and fits with the area on page 16 of the master (105 addresses = 1680 pages)

The ”mergejob” is printed through EFI Fiery driver with ”use master”
And sent to “process hold”

Next step is through Command Workstation.
Here I go to “hold queue”
Rightclick job, remove raster
Rightclick job, select “impose” (Customer HAS impose dongle feature)

Imposition template is setup to; Booklet, Saddle, left binding, A4SEF, scale to fit
Job is saved
Process hold

Rightclick job
Go into finishing and select “Bifold” & “Saddle Stitch”

All the above works PERFECTLY. Now to the problem:
When taking this job and printing “Records 1-2” it takes 8 sheets (32 pages) and staple them together. It should make 2 x booklets consisting of each 2 sheets with 4up (saddle/Booklet).

If I instead try and print entire document (1680 pages/ 840 Impressions / 320 sheets) it creates the VPD job as 1 single job.
It simply forgets to separate the different records. Also if I look in Preview through CWS it looks like one big job.

Any and all input is MOST welcome..