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Hope it's a bug, but your 770 is a production level device--the Workcentre is not. I would not *expect* the Workcentre-level product to do this; at the very least, I would look carefully at the Workcenter-level product's documentation and marketing materials, as well as any Customer Expectation Document it has.

Were you promised this feature on the 75xx, or did you simply assume it would work the same as on your 770?

Each product from each vendor is different with different capabilities; just because "it's a Fiery" doesn't mean it does something another Fiery does.
Thanks for your response...

The customer had this working on their old Workcentre 73xx series with Bustled Fiery ... and I had it running on the WC75xx with bustled fiery (didn't control it as thourough as I did with 73xx) ...
So when it didn't work on 75xx I were abit surprised.

Also found an official EFI document: How to Booklet VDP with impose. There are no descriptions or limitations descripbed there (of what I found) :-)