I have two computers running 5.3 - my workstation computer and the GX300 connected to our Canon.
I upgraded CW to 5.4 on my workstation - which has the green USB Impose dongle attached. The upgrade worked fine except when I imposed a job it came out with "demo" on it. I tried a restart, removed the dongle, replaced it and everything.

I thought it was a version compatibility issue so I uninstalled 5.4 and reinstalled 5.3. While I was uninstalling/reinstalling I removed the impose dongle and took it the GX300 computer to continue impose work only to find that it was in demo mode on that one as well. There were no changes made on the GX300.

So now it appears the upgrade has either hardcoded or somehow corrupted the impose dongle and it does not work. I can see the light flashes on it and the SafeNet key loads just as it should - it just doesn't work.