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Thread: Impose orientation issues

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    Default Impose orientation issues

    I work for Ricoh and recently set up a customer to use Hot Folders like PowerPress. Using CWS I was able to set up a hot folder that would process Microsoft and PDF docs and auto rotate them for Print left binding.

    The workflow is as follows:
    Windows XP sp3/Impose/Compose Acrobat 9.0 with Pitstop. 2-Fiery E-41a controllers on Ricoh C651's.
    1. I configured the Hot folder file format for Microsoft to output as a PDF and it auto rotates landscape to portrait left binding and does not affect the portrait files.
    2. I configured the PDF file format using the default which was to remain a PDF.
    3. Customer drops multiple files with multiple orientations but all letter size into the hot folder just to get them into the queue.
    4. Customer right clicks to Impose first doc.
    5. Inserts next file using the "Insert pages" button
    6. Adds Tabs and blanks and saves the file for print.
    7. All files wind up portrait and are ready for left side hole punch and place into a binder.

    This worked for one month and then CWS 5.3.1 would crash anytime Impose was selected.
    We loaded CWS 5.4 and now the PDF docs will not auto rotate and I have no way to get them to left binding. Microsoft Docs are fine and rotate as expected. I have loaded CWS 5.3 on another workstation there and it crashes every time we try to save after imposing.

    The customer has re-imaged the workstation 5 times now as we tried many combinations of CWS and distiller settings.
    Both Ricoh E41a-651 devices act the same.
    I tried to replicate the original workflow on our E-41 and E-8100 controllers in our demo room and cannot get back to the auto rotation of PDF's.
    Microsoft docs are fine but something has changed with Acrobat. I have changed many settings in distiller and pointed the CWS preferences to those job options but to no avail.
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