Installed CWS 5.4 and the Hot Folders package onto a couple of XP systems, pointing to a Xerox 4112 and a Xerox 4110.

Previously this setup was an older version of Hot Folders (not sure which version) going to the 4112 and a Xerox 240. This worked flawlessly, never faltered, never crashed, it just worked. This setup had to change to the newer version because not only did the 4110 get added to the mix, the 240 was changed out for a new Xerox 700i with external Fiery (System 10). The old HF app didn't know a *thing* about that machine.

This later version of Hot Folders is giving fits. On both computers on which it's loaded, it will seem to randomly stop working to one or more Fiery units. The *only* recourse is to stop the hot folder, reboot the machine, use the Hot Folders app to delete the hot folder, then re-create it.

The workflow is simple but at a low level, hard work: many hundreds of multi-page TIFFs are dragged in to be sent to the printer in question. The multi-page TIFFs could be anywhere from 10 to 150 pages. They need to be printed duplex and stapled onto plain paper. Not rocket science, but still.

I've fiddled with many things here. I don't think there's a single thing to point to. One thing I noticed was that the new HF app by default keeps all files tucked away and doesn't delete them until 30 days has passed. That is a BAD idea as a default. (Plus, I don't remember that option existing at all on the older HF app.) Once I saw that, I switched it to "delete immediately". These many many hundreds of multi-page TIFF files per day don't need to sit around. They're print and forget (so much so that I've turned off the Printed queues for these printers).

I also noticed that a HF got "stuck" with a yellow triangle exclamation mark, and wouldn't get unstuck--even after a reboot. (This was apparently caused by something at the Fiery itself, which required a couple reboots of the Fiery to solve.) But after the host computer rebooted and after I stared at that yellow triangle for a minute or so, I decided to launch the HF app to see what was going--and that triggered communication to the Fiery in question, who reported back that he was alive, and the HF got its normal icon back.

Question: does the HF app need to launch at startup on XP systems? I went ahead and put it in the Startup Items just in case, but it sure does seem like it does have to be started first before the folders will communicate with their respective Fierys.

I dunno. After the older version just worked, I'm stumped as to why this version just seems to die after awhile, requiring relatively major surgery to recover. I'm hanging my hat on this "delete immediately" thing solving the problem, but can anyone shed any light or experiences?

Or maybe this version of Hot Folders has bugs? Memory leaks? Anything?