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Thread: Stamping Copy number for booklets?

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    Default Stamping Copy number for booklets?

    Is there a way to "stamp" a copy number onto a booklet as it is printing in Command Workstation?
    Example: Printing 20 copies of the same job, print "#4" on the fourth copy.

    I thought VDP may be the way to go, but it looks like that applies to every page in a job.

    I am using a Konica Minolta 6500 and CWS 5.0.1.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi sdgraphics,

    The only method I can think of would be to set up your booklet as a VDP job where the copy number stamp would be the variable data.

    If you do not have a VDP application, you could do this as a Free Form job. Your booklet would be processes as the FreeForm Master. You would then have to create a separate document where each copy number stamp would represent a separate record in a variable file.

    The variable document would have to be composed so the number of pages for each record matches the number of pages in the booklet and the document would have to be the same size. For example, if your booklet is eight pages and you want 20 copies, you would have to create a 160 page document.

    You would enter the page numbers on the pages that correspond to the page of the master booklet you would want them to print on. Going back to the previous example, if you want the copy number to print on page 8 of the booklet, you would compose "1" on page 8, "2" on page 16, etc.

    You would then assign the master to the variable job and make imposition, finishing and other settings on the variable document.

    You can find more information about VDP printing and FreeForm in the How To guides at


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