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Thread: cn3102e - Checksum error system.efi

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    Default cn3102e - Checksum error system.efi

    --=== RESOLVED ===--

    Hello, I'm trying to reinstall the system.efi on our cn3201e. I can boot it up just fine. I goes through all steps of the installation, starting at Formatting disk etc. Then when the ecp reaches the last few kb's, the ecp copy stops and the displays comes back with a Checksum error 6.

    Any advice would be appriciated. I am following the"Fiery System Install Instructions" :

    compat -p boot.efi
    ecp -p system.efi

    with the appropriate waiting times.


    It was a bad read error or corrupted disk file.

    Received a correct file and all is working again.
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