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Thread: Can't open job Properties in CWS 5.4 on Mac 10.8.2

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    Hi Holly,

    If you were not able to successfully uninstall CWS Mac Edition, there may be some components remaining that are interfering with your CWS 5.4 installation. I would try to uninstall everything again and manually remove any CWS Mac Edition components. Start by using the Fiery Software Uninstaller to remove all Fiery applications and remove all Fiery drivers and then reboot the Mac. When the Mac comes up again use the following instructions to remove any components that may be remaining from CWS Mac Edition. Some of the items in the list may have already been removed by the Uninstaller, so if some items mentioned are missing, go to the next step.

    For a complete clean up, you can follow all the steps below.

    On the Mac OSX drive where the CWS Mac Edition application is located:

    1. Delete the folder \Applications\Fiery\CWS Macintosh Edition

    2. Delete the folder \Applications\Fiery\ColorWise Pro Tools (If it was installed with CWS Mac Edition)

    3. Delete the folder \Applications\Fiery\EFI ImageViewer (If it was installed with CWS Mac Edition)

    4. Delete all the harmony files in \Library\Frameworks. Those are the files starting with the letter h*.framework, for example haddress.framework, or h10.framework.

    5. Delete the file i1C.framework in \Library\Frameworks

    6. Delete the file/folder starting with the string “CWS” in users\<username>\library\Preferences where <username> is the username currently logged in to the Mac OSX machine

    7. Delete the folder “CWSPrefs”, “CWPT Preferences” and “EFI ImageViewer Preferences” in users\<username>\library\Preferences, where <username> is the username currently logged in to the Mac OSX machine (If CWPT and ImageViewer was installed with CWSME)

    8. Delete the folder EFI in library\application support

    After completing these steps, reboot the Mac again and install CWS 5.4.

    I hope this helps resolve your issue.


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    Default Success!


    This worked. Thanks so much for all the help!


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