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Thread: Mac 10.6 queue displaying "Out Of Toner!"

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    Post Mac 10.6 queue displaying "Out Of Toner!"

    I have a 64-bit Macintosh running 10.6
    Printing to a Xerox 550, Bustled Fiery
    When open the print queue on my Macintosh, the message "Out of Toner!" is always displayed.
    This is an erroneous message, but can it be removed?

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    If you're running OSX 10.6.8 you can try manually installing this update.

    I've had luck correcting false error messages on other printers, haven't tried with a xerox though.

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    Default Updated Driver


    I recall a similar issue being addressed in a driver update.

    Let's start by making sure you have the latest version of the Mac driver installed. You can find this on Xerox's site, or on ours.

    The latest Fiery drivers for this product are compliant with Mac OS 10.5 to Mac OS 10.8. I've attached the release notes.

    Good luck,

    Gary Smith
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