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Thread: Using Mountain Lion & Fiery Express Mac Driver, Adobe apps print to letter size

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    Default Using Mountain Lion & Fiery Express Mac Driver, Adobe apps print to letter size

    I'm using a BizHub c350 with Fiery X3e 22C-KM PS v2.0 - it's obviously quite a few years old now, but it continues to print beautifully. We calibrate it with an X-Rite DTP32 weekly, and it's been a consistent workhorse. Unfortunately, software upgrades were abandoned a few years back - like 2003...

    When OS 10.5 arrived three years ago, we set up one of our older Macs and shared the printer and could print from any other Mac without any problem up through and including 10.7, but 10.8 broke everything. We have been able to set up CW 5.3.1, which has been a welcome upgrade, and we were delighted to see the Fiery Express Mac Driver be introduced.

    But printing any CS6 document from any machine with OS 10.8.1 using Fiery Express, regardless of settings, the printer will print letter size. Changing settings in CW does not have any effect - CW might indicate "Tabloid" but it still prints letter. Currently workaround is to save to PDF and open and print from the existing print server

    I cannot figure out a workaround or solution. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Command Workstation 5.4 is even worse

    5.3 allows me to change quantities, image density, imposition, etc on the Fiery IC-401, but 5.4 disables that capability. I can still print from either in Mountain Lion, but the print always defaults to letter.

    Any workaround - anyone? I find it a bit discouraging that in five months, I've received not one reply.

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    This may not be the response you are looking for, but you should expect to see issues like this when trying to use a circa-2004 Fiery with the latest applications from Adobe and EFI.

    CWS5.3 is supported to back to System 6/6e Fierys - yours is a System 5.5e
    CWS5.4 is supported back to System 8 release 2

    Your IC-401 never did support Mac OS 10.6 and above.
    KM ended support for this Fiery over three years ago.

    It's great you have been able to squeeze as much productivity out of this vintage Fiery as you have, but it's time to upgrade your copier and print controller!

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