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    I'm working with a Xerox Docucolor 252 with a Professional Finisher. The finisher has 3 output trays. For a larger printing job wit 1.000 sheets I want the printer to output the printed paper in the stacker tray: this is the tray with the largest capacity because the tray moves down automatically when the stack of output grows. But whatever setting I make in CWS5: the machine refuses to output the paper in the second tray. It only uses, for plain paper printing, the upper tray which has only a limited capacity.

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    You don't have to use CWS5 to set job properties. And in fact, CWS has a history of having bugs that go against what people want to do (bugs that eventually get fixed, but still). In the end, CWS *could* be messing you up.

    So ignore CWS. What happens when you use the driver (you are using the proper driver, right?) to set job properties that include output to the stacker tray?

    Your stacker tray will hold a maximum of 1500 sheets (of plain paper) in sizes up to the maximum of 13x19.

    Here's an idea: use the copier to make copies to the stacker tray. Does that work?

    If you can copy to the stacker tray, and if you cannot print to the stacker tray using any mechanism, please contact the Xerox welcome center at 800-821-2797 and ask for second level support. They are there to help you with these things. There are any number of reasons you could be having this issue (copier software could be old/wrong/bad, Fiery software could be old/wrong/bad, etc.), and they're there to help get you through this.

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