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Thread: IC-408 Boots through all codes to "FF" then flips to "92" - HELP!

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    Default IC-408 Boots through all codes to "FF" then flips to "92" - HELP!

    We have a IC-408 that when off of the copier, at boot, flips through all fo the diag codes then goes to "FF" when a typical LINUX bassed bussled would normally go to "00", then after a couple of minutes flips to "92" for about 30 seconds then shuts off. Is this normal behavior off of the copier, or is there a problem? Never sits at "00" at all. I was able to reload system software with no problem at all via crossover from a laptop, but it ended like this. Not sure if it was doing this before the software reload or not because the system software was corrupt and the unit sat at "FF" indefinately before this problem. The C6501 is not at this facility and this is a highly used machine and hard for me to test to unless I'm sure it is working. The C6501 has a loaner IC-305 on it right now, but we need to get this IC-408 back up and going to replace it. Was able to swithc video boards with this one and the IC-305 and the IC-305 kept printing just fine with the IC-408 board, so just to eliminate that possiblility. But even that switch was a huge disturbance and headache to the printing going on and I really want to avoid as much trial and error to that machine as possible.

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    Have you successfully reloaded Fiery system code on a IC-408 before? The reason I ask this is that this Fiery (and IC-413) are the only KM embedded Fierys that run on a Windows OS.

    The reload process for these are quite different from the other Linux-based embeddeds.

    Please verify you are using the v2.0 IC-408 system software DVD

    Also, obtain from KM Support the Service and Install Guide that describes exactly how to install system software on this particular Fiery. It also describes what you should see on 2-digit readout during install.

    Here is quick tech note on how to install system software using crossover cable method:

    1.) Disconnect cables from Fiery and power it down. Power down copier using sub-switch
    2.) Connect crossover and copy entire contents of system DVD1 to PC HDD (must have minimum 5GB free space)
    3.) On HDD, double click on Langsel.exe and select language
    4.) Double-click on Fiery Installer.exe
    5.) Flip both DIP switches (one inch away from LED display on Fiery - sometimes covered by gray tape
    6.) Approve license screen and Ethernet connection screen

    7.) Turn on power switch on Fiery and wait 15 sec. or so until "FF" is seen on LED on Fiery (green switch light must be on). Within 2-3 minutes "1 of 12" will show on installer screen

    8.) This will take 35-50 minutes
    9.) Once "12 of 12" is done, with status bar not moving and "0KB" visible, click "Finish"
    10.) Ignore verbage in installer, power down Fiery using AC switch, reset DIP switches to original, then power down copier using main sub-switch.
    11.) Reconnect normal cables, power up copier, then Fiery AC switch making sure green soft-switch light goes on.
    12.) At this point it can take Fiery up to 60 minutes to complete self install (took me 25 minutes). When Fiery is done the "Controller" button on copier LCD is active and "00" is seen on Fiery's LED
    13.) Setup Fiery partially through copier interface, or via Web Configure (more settings).

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    Default Did someone replace the HDD and Motherboard on this unit?

    These symptoms sound like someone replaced the hard drive and motherboard on the IC-408. If you had a monitor hooked up and watched the boot process the system would turn off right at the point where the Windows XP splash screen appears. This means there is some license file shared by the HDD and computer does not match and the system shuts off because it figures you are trying to cheat a bit.

    Folks at EFI support suggest putting a HDD from a working IC-408 in the machine and seeing if it boots correctly.

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