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Thread: Xrite i1Pro 2 in i1Publish Pro 2

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    Default Xrite i1Pro 2 in i1Publish Pro 2

    Hi all

    I am investigating purchasing a new calibrator, which i want to be able to also compatible with our Fiery (50_45C-KM) on our Bizhub C650. One of the options if the new i1Pro 2 by Xrite. Please can someone let me know if this will work using the Command Workstation 5 for our printer/fiery and if so, what can i not do with it that the ES1000 can?



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    Hi there

    i am not familiar with the devices you mentioned. As the I1Pro2 is a pretty new deivce on the market I would highly recommend to wait until announcements are made for support etc.

    As far as the Fiery is concerned I assume a software update is needed to accept the calibration done by an I1pro2. Also I do not think CWS 5.3.x currently supports this device.

    Check Xrite's website for details on the new I1Pro2. As long as your ES1000 is with calibration (1 year) i would stick with this for now. But yeah if you purchase I1 Publish keep both and write your profiles with the I1pro2.


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