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Thread: "No print queues are published" error

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    Default "No print queues are published" error

    I am new to this group...
    This question may have been answered a thousand times already, but, I searched the message boards and didn't find the answer…

    The question is: When I try to import jobs I get an error that reads: "No print queues are published"
    I look at my printers (Windows XP) and see that all of the printers (direct, hold and publish) are up and Ready.

    I have been running CWS 5 for a while now…has anyone experienced that problem before?

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    Can you tell us which Fiery you are connected to and do you see this behavior on all workstations you are connecting from or do you see this only from one workstation?

    Have you checked to see if the queues are published in Configure? Log in to CWS as Administrator and in the Server menu, select Configure. When Configure opens, go to Printer, then General and make sure the queues you require are published.


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    I have a customer that is experiencing the same error when trying to import a job in CWS 5.3. The setup is a Xerox Docucolor 240 with the integrated Fiery controller. Patches are current.

    Issue is consistent across multiple workstations, both Mac and PC. In addition the user can no longer drag and drop files into the held queue of CWS for this machine. They also have a Xerox 700 Digital Color Press which is working perfectly for both import and drag & drop.

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