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Thread: Firmware reload - wich USB device to be used ?

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    Default Firmware reload - wich USB device to be used ?

    I am in charge of about 100 Fiery controllers, so I frequently have to reload new system (upgrade or following a crash).

    I am using a Cruzer USB 2.0 key, but the loading is long, very long (about 30 mn for a Image Pass B1 or a T1.

    Do you know faster USB device to increase the speed of loading ?

    Many thanks


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    Hello E.T.

    You could test with a different USB 2.0 drive to see if that would improve the speed, but reading the service manual it seems like 30 minutes is what it takes to reinstall system software.

    You'll need a USB 2.0 drive with a minimum of 5GB.

    The manual further states that "not all USB drives have been verified for use. If the one you're using does not work, try another brand."


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