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    Default Reporting Software


    Does anyone use any reporting type software to monitor the different types of jobs that are produced on there digital machines

    Im look for software that can monitor the amount of jobs vs the speed of the machine to monitor capacity etc etc

    Thank You

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    We have the right answer for you!

    EFI launched Fiery Dashboard last April, a cloud-based service that captures and aggregates data from one or multiple Fiery driven engines, giving users a single view into digital print productivity including usage rates, uptime, error rates and more last April.

    We are offering a 30-day trial at

    As the product owner for Fiery Dashboard I would welcome you to sign up for the trial and let me know your feedback!

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    Default Fiery Dashboard

    Having downloaded and installed Dashboard, I have had it running for a week but have to say that it needs ironing out.

    Firstly, the date strings do not seem to allow for European date order. When selecting 'Yesterday' as the reporting date 09/07/2012 is displayed (July 9th 2012) but an error is reporting that 'future date cannot be selected'. I assume it is reading this as September 7th 2012. When 07/09/2012 is manually entered, no data is returned - this needs to be addressed to be functional.

    Secondly, despite having several paper jams while running jobs, no jams are logged on the report.

    Interesting concept but, for me, not a useful tool.
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