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Thread: How to do G7 Calibration in Fiery?

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    Default How to do G7 Calibration in Fiery?


    I understand that G7 calibration used 2 types of Grey (pure K & CMY) to calibrate to achive a neutral balance of grey. Can Fiery itself can do this kind of calibration?

    Jack Yap from Malaysia

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    Default RE: How to do G7 Calibration in Fiery

    Not quite. G7 is about calibrating CMY gray for both neutrality and optimal contrast for a given printer. Basically it fixes the contrast in the highlight to midtone in a standard fashion then adapts the tone cure in the 3/4 tone for maximum density of the printer. It does a similar tone calibration for the black, not quite matching the CMY tone curve so that it is flatter in the highlights and may have more contrast in the shadows. The black has nothing to do with getting good gray balance in the CMY.

    To match G7 on Fiery, all you have to do is set a source (simulation) CMYK input profile that is based on G7. This includes GRACOL, SWOP3, and SWOP5 20006 profiles. Make sure you calibrate the Fiery with ES-1000 before you start. Then you can use a G7 tool like Curve2 software to confirm that you are close to G7 tonality and gray balance.

    There are some experimental tools Fiery resellers may have access to that would allow you to pre-calibrate the Fiery to G7 after which you would have to make custom ICC output profiles to work with the custom Fiery calibration targets. Alternately you could use the color editor to move the target calibration curves associated with a particular process but the tool was not designed for this can can be rather frustrating. In either case you would first need Curve2 software or another method of calculating the correct curves based on measurements of the P2P target.

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