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    I have a xerox docucolor 252 using command workstation on a mac... and on 05/23 an patch update 1-1E9HUL (64 bit drivers to support windows 2k xp vista) installed and now my properties option will not work. I can send jobs and print them, but it just goes to default and won't let me open the properties window. Ever heard of this? Any solutions? Thanks!! I also have a xerox 700i and it works fine.

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    Hi, I have a few questions. You state you're runny CWS on a MAC. What version of CWS and what is the OS on the MAC? Do you have an external or bustled Fiery. What version of system software are you running? You're correct, the patch is a PCL driver, are you using PC's as well? Did you install the driver? Please give me a detailed summary of your workflow. Thanks, Craig

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