Hi, we have just changed machines from a DC242 to a C550 and have upgraded from CWS 4.6 to the latest version 5.3. Unfortunately some tools I use frequently seem to gone missing or been moved to somewhere where I cant find them.

1. We produce a lot of A2-A0 Posters which are litho printed offsite. For proofing purposes I would print sections of the job onto SRA3 at 100% scale using the Offset setting in Impose to print for example an A1 Top Left Section so our customer can see the section at actual size. This was possible using the Allignment controls in Mixed page mode. In CWS5, When I scale to 100% I can only get it to print the middle of the sheet, this is no good as sometimes the whole A1 needs to be printed (in 4 x A3 sections), the whole mixed page mode and alignment section seems to have gone all together?

2. The scale setting used to have an area to put in a dimension with which to enlarge or reduce to (as well as a percentage scale factor) this was useful when a customer supplies artwork in a non standard size but wants it in a standard paper size. I could quickly set the y height at 297mm for A4 or 301mm for A4+bleed, or whatever size I wanted then gang up and print the job. Now I have to work the percentage out manually on a calculator.

I'm hoping someone could someone point me in the right direction?
Thank you. James