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Thread: 2 page VDP master with one blank page

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    Default 2 page VDP master with one blank page

    Xerox 770, using Command Workstation 5. Trying to print, for example, a 12 page file, fronts all different, back the same in all. Can I do this with a 2-page master? We send already-imposed pfd files to the fiery, btw.

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    The Master file will define the record length of the variable file. For example, if your master has 12 pages, the Fiery will consider that to be the record length when processing the variable file. If the variable data is on only one page, you would have to include 11 blank pages to correspond to the pages of the master that would not have variable data.

    Also, the size and orientation of the variable file has to match the size and orientation of the master. If your master is pre-imposed, you will have to prepare the variable to be pre-imposed to the same dimensions. If you have SeeQuence Impose, you could set up the two files un-imposed and use SeeQuence to impose the variable file.

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    I believe you're using a System 10 server which includes "Enhanced FreeForm 1." Instead of inserting the blanks in the original variable document let the Fiery insert the blanks for you.

    Let us know if this works for you?


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