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    Default i1 Process Control 3

    I've seen a couple of threads about this software and I understand that it's a 3rd party software package and not supported by EFI.

    I just wanted to see if anyone out there has successfully used it. I've tried 4 times now to generate a profile using various combinations of color management off, on, no profiles etc. and every time I test the profile the print comes out bright yellow and way too light.

    We're an in house ad agency and all I'm trying to do is make the printer reflect what's on my screen. The 3/4 tones to the shadow plug up way too much. Using the photographic rendering intent helps but not enough.

    I've tried adjusting the output profile manually but every time I get detail in the 3/4 tones, the blacks get hazy and too light. I'm pretty much just guessing between the curves and the max density values using the default output profile as a starting point.

    We have a Canon ImagePRESS C7010VP with the iPR Server A3200 V1.0 the driver itself says version 4.1

    I'm just trying to decide if it's worth spending time trying to get this software to work or if there is a better way to achieve our results with other methods or software.


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    Hi there

    I have not used I1 Process 3 yet. What paper are you trying to profile? Does it have a lot of optical brightener? If so are you using an I1 with a UV cut filter?

    Might be worth trying it with one of those. Grey balance tend to come out more on the yellow side if there is no UV cut with the above style paper.


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    I'm not sure but it sounds like it might. I looked on the manufacturers page and it didn't specifically say. It's Hammermill Color Copy Digital paper and the specs on the hammermill page say: "Super bright Photo White for excellent image contrast and color reproduction" So I"m thinking maybe it does.

    It's the same paper used to calibrate the machine so it seems like it would effect that as well wouldn't it?

    How would you go about filtering the reader?

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