I tried posting this previously, but it apparently didn't post...

We just recently had a Konica Minolta c6000 digital press installed in out office. As the tech was installing it, I decided to search to see if EFI has an iOS app for CW, and stumbled upon PrintMe Connect. I had our IT guy install it to the workstation installed to the printer, set it up correctly (it recognized printer, etc. etc.) and then tried to print from my iPad. The iPad recognized the printer right away. I selected print...and there is where the problems started.

Sometimes it would say "connecting to c600 print server" other times "sending page 1, 2, 3" etc. "spooling page..." but after each instance, nothing would print. No prompts on the iOS device, nothing appearing on the printer's monitor in the hold queue, print queue etc. NOTHING.

We tried reinstalling the printer via PrintMe Connect and the same thing. We are in the process of removing a Xerox D700 but currently have it connected to our network as well, so we tried installing this software on it...and the same result, no prints.

We have tried different iPads, iPhones, etc. NOTHING..

The Konica Minolta tech said IPP printing is enabled as well. I saw that mentioned on one of the other threads...

any ideas? thanks,