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i did not find a wishlist thread in the forum so im asking you all.
What are your wishes for a next version of command workstation?
What will be time savers in your workflow?

Maybe EFI ist reading this thread an will build it into the software if possible.

My personal wishes for a next version are:

- to set the amount of copies for the job directly in the job summary field so i didn`t have to open the properties every time
- to choose a print preference also directly in the job summary panel an rip an hold it there.
Hi drfoots,

We have added the ability to edit the number of copies, and job names directly from the job list in Job center of CWS 5.4. Now you don't have to open job properties for this!

Could you explain more about this request?
- to sort the job preferences in the properties field and a way to change the job preferences and not to make a new one every time i want to build in changes.