I often have to prepare documents in order to produce saddle stiched booklets, including slitting and trimming. If the customers supplies professional source files (including enough bleed) for a regular ISO size booklet (SRA4/SRA3), everything is pretty straight forward.

But whenever "custom work" is needed (bleedless documents, custom media size, ...), it's getting complicated because I don't have any kind of visual preview in Jobmaster/Impose. That's especially important if I need to scale the document to fit on a certain media size. My finisher (KM SD-513) can only slit between 8 and 25mm, the regular "shrink to fit" option isn't sufficient because it would cause too much of the document's content to be cut away. Therefore I have to calculate an appropriate scale factor for myself, still keeping the configured trimming amount in mind.

My wish would be that Impose should support a visual preview of the job's slitting settings as well as a preview of the expected spline amount.

Same goes for the crease settings. The built in fixed crease positions shoud be displayed as well as custom positions. Free Crease should be configureable within JobMaster instead of using the ruby web application.