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Thread: Wishlist for future versions of Command Workstation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecgraphics3005 View Post
    Being able to interrupt a running job, putting into a "HOLD" status, so that we can run additional jobs and then resume printing the job on hold, would be terrific. There is currently no way to interrupt a running job other than canceling it, making note of where we ended up, and then restarting it later on.
    seconded. This would be great. especially with regard to printing a large document with tabs inserted (i.e. pause printing and carry on from where I left off)

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    Default Proofs and setting up a job

    Would be nice if when I run a proof out the rip stays on the setup screen.
    Okay, I know it will need to re rip the job but if it stayed on the setup screen it would be most helpful. especially for small changes to the setup.
    eg: aligning the prints in image shift

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