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Thread: Impose print color instead of requested B/W prints

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    Default Impose print color instead of requested B/W prints

    Hello collegues,

    I have a problem with Impose on a Fiery E41a controller connected to a Ricoh ProC751.
    CWS version is

    When a have a A4 job in color, Impose it and I want to print the job with several pages in B/W it is impossible to do this.
    I go to the media and tick the box Grayscale for the required pages in the dialog screen. Then close Impose an rename the job.
    When printing the job the pages are still in Color.
    I tried several ways of adjusting the media, make a new template for Gray prints only but nothing works.

    Anybody any idea?

    Thanks in advance for your reply


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    Hi Frank,

    I just tried this here and it works fine for me. I imported a multi-page color PDF into the hold queue and opened the document in Seequence.
    In 'Sheet View' I changed the media settings for half of the pages to 'grayscale'.
    After saving the job I clicked 'process and hold'.
    In Preview or Job Summary I can verify that the pages I selected are processed with the correct media settings (grayscale).

    Kind regards,

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