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Thread: Fiery X3eTY 35C-KM not printing 11x17 on Windows 7

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    Default Fiery X3eTY 35C-KM not printing 11x17 on Windows 7

    We just upgraded computers to Windows 7 and none of the Windows 7 computers can print 11x17 to our Konica Bizhub 350 printer. We have installed the ic401 and ic409 drivers. The ic401 is what we are using now, but both essentially operate the same and neither let us print 11x17. We've tried several different programs including pdfs. Even tried print and hold, then going to an XP machine with the Command Workstation on it, and printing from there with the same results.

    Right now we have to open everyting we want to print on 11x17 on an XP workstation and print from there.

    Any ideas on how to make this work properly?

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    PS and PCL drivers that shipped with IC-401 (and IC-409) do not support Win7 (and 64-bit Windows)

    Please go to KM's driver site and download compatible driver:

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