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Thread: Fiery VUE crashes with large documents

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    Unhappy Fiery VUE crashes with large documents

    We are testing the latest verions of Fiery Vue with large doucments. Two different files would almost load the last thumb nail before the VUE crashes. The two file are as follows:
    1. 592 page document with heavy graphic images, powerpoints.
    2. 694 page PDF manual with little graphics.

    We tried the best PC we could get, a Dell with 4 GB ram, W7 with 32 bitO.S
    Virtual mem. maxed out, etc.

    Also, tried three other PC's, all did the same.

    Any known limits on file size with VUE.


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    Hello Mike,

    If you're frequently working with 600+ page jobs I would recommend using Compose if your Fiery server supports it. There isn't a demo version of Compose built into CWS but you could launch Impose from CWS with one of your files to see the speed of thumbnail/preview generation for the large jobs.

    If either of your large jobs are not confidential I wouldn't mind having a look to see if we can improve. I will send you a private message with more information.

    Best regards,

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