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Thread: Making pads with the Fiery

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    Default Making pads with the Fiery

    I have a Canon 7095 with a Fiery.

    From the Canon control panel, under "additional functions", in Common Settings, page 5/8, I can set "job separator between copies" (example 50). I can then put a single sheet on the copier glass, set 5000 copies, and have the copier make pads of 50 (sheet separator every 50 sheets).

    Now can I do this with a file from the Fiery, instead of using the copier glass?


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    Im looking for the same. Really hope to get this to work.

    Posted a similar thread here:

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    I don't have an answer, but I have had two customers ask about this in the last three weeks. The ability to define x number of copies as a set would be a nice feature enhancement.

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