Would very much like to remove some repetitive (thus, possibly error-causing) actions from the workflow, specifically getting CWS to import and process for hold a file with a particular preset and number of copies.

In practice, thinking this would be command-line driven, running a script on whatever platform was being used to host CWS, so Powershell for windows, Apple/Java script for Mac, even plain old Bash or Perl for the latter or Cygwin (if it was installed) was installed for the former.

The platform is not so important as the hook into CWS. AFAIK, it currently doesn't support any useful CLI options. In this case it would only need to be passed a few options (besides login credentials): the name of the file, the name of the preset, and the number of copies; maybe for extra c r e d i t whether it was destined for hold or direct.

(Not sure why this forum keeps rendering c r e d i t without spaces as ******)

Any info would be most appreciated.