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Thread: CWS Automation

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    Lightbulb CWS Automation


    Would very much like to remove some repetitive (thus, possibly error-causing) actions from the workflow, specifically getting CWS to import and process for hold a file with a particular preset and number of copies.

    In practice, thinking this would be command-line driven, running a script on whatever platform was being used to host CWS, so Powershell for windows, Apple/Java script for Mac, even plain old Bash or Perl for the latter or Cygwin (if it was installed) was installed for the former.

    The platform is not so important as the hook into CWS. AFAIK, it currently doesn't support any useful CLI options. In this case it would only need to be passed a few options (besides login credentials): the name of the file, the name of the preset, and the number of copies; maybe for extra c r e d i t whether it was destined for hold or direct.

    (Not sure why this forum keeps rendering c r e d i t without spaces as ******)

    Any info would be most appreciated.


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    Default Tell me more

    I would like to hear more about your workflow. Where are the files coming from?

    Today you can use Hot Folders to import the file, apply a preset, and set number of copies, all just by dropping the job in a folder.

    Is there a reason this would not fit in your workflow?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    They're all PDF. We have DP 700's, some with embedded RIPs, some with the EX700 (v1.5 Fiery and latest patches).

    Have not tried hot folders. Currently I manually import via CWS, then assign a preset, process and hold. Other folks print, I just produce the docs, and get them on the machine in the proper format.

    Have approached this more from a *nix computer operator point of view; am very comfortable scripting things, which is why I originally asked about command line parameters and CWS. One script already in use assembles various docs of up to 60 pages, then if desired uploads it to a share on the appropriate LAN so they can be brought into CWS.

    In any event, hot folders do look like they could accomplish what I want, but there are a few stumbling blocks

    The main one is an inability to load presets, a feature very handy in CWS 5, especially if one manages several machines.

    We often update files with new info but keep the same name, so another issue would be removing previous versions of the files from the hold queue without having to enter CWS and delete them manually.

    As I see it I'd have to make up a different hot folder for each preset. There are about a dozen we use regularly. Not too difficult, but recreating the presets by hand on each machine would be a real pain.

    Lastly, not sure if this is relevant as I haven't tested, but the duplex option is greyed out in Hot Folders presets. As stated above we make these docs programatically so rely on CWS to set the duplexing. Assume this way they'd come out as single sheets, which would not work.

    Is there a newer version of Hot Folders that would allow import of presets and specification of duplex? A spot check of one of the EX700's shows our version to be Being able to load them would be a big plus. Tried making up a couple but could not see on the EX700 where the XML was being stored.

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