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Thread: Problem with CWS5 since updating to Lion

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    Default Problem with CWS5 since updating to Lion

    Since I updated to Lion on my Mac Pro, i have not been able to access the "properties" in command workstation. My boss upgraded to Lion on his iMac and everything works fine. Mine also gives a warning whenever I open CWS5. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

    The warning i get is "Directory ' /var/folders/mp' couldn't be created (error 13: Permission denied)"

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    Hi Jamielee,

    I see 2 possible solutions:

    Manually create a folder mp under /var/folders/
    Since this folder is not visible, choose Go to Folder from the Finder's Go menu, and enter /var/ as the folder's location. Create the mp folder there, and then try again.

    Uninstall CWS5 using the Fiery Software Uninstaller, then reinstall the full package. Make sure you install the latest release 3e package, which includes CWS v5.3.1.32d.

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Similar Problem

    I have an issue with CWS under Lion, but mine was working fine up until yesterday. I couldn't print directly to CWS so my workaround was to drag and drop PDF or Illustrator files directly into the CWS window, that is no longer working. When I drag a PDF into it, it just hangs on the process, but it never adds it to the queue. When I try to quit CWS it says there is an operation and asks if I still want to quit, when I say yes it crashes. I'm also no longer able to retrieve my scanned documents with Remote Scan 5, it doesn't recognize the user when I try to log into it. I've used the uninstaller and re-installed the entire CWS suite, I've repaired permissions, and booted in safe mode. Nothing seems to fix it, anything I've missed?

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    Default More info on the uninstaller

    Here's some notes about the Mac Uninstaller tool - which may help.

    The tool keeps track of dependent files such as harmony and cupsfilters etc, and removes them only when you remove the last app or driver using them. So for a really clean system, remove your drivers as well as apps.

    The app also asks if you want to retain CWS5 preferences when removing CWS5, for this case, say no.

    Shared Frameworks
    Some EFI Applications such as CWS5 use open source frameworks such as Xerces and Firebird. Currently these frameworks are installed by our application installers into the default \Library\Frameworks directory.
    These frameworks could also be used by other applications installed on the Mac, and there is no practical way that the tool can check if this is the case. For this reason the tool does not remove these files when uninstalling Fiery apps, to prevent unintentional damage to other applications. However these files can be easily deleted manually, by locating the xerces.framework file and the firebird.framework folders (in the location listed above) and dragging them to the trash.

    Also one thing I noticed - Our installer is creating a new user in OSX called Firebird Database. Don't delete this user (unless doing an uninstall) otherwise it will break stuff.

    I hope this helps!


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