Hey all, hoping you could help me..

I am trying to get fiery working for a client of mine who is running Mac OS 10.7.3

I was able to get their Canon IR-Adv ImagepassB1 printer working as far as printing goes, however we run into an issue when trying to access the fiery feature panel.

What happens as an example, is that say you open a pdf.. if you go to "print" and then just print as is, it prints totally fine. The trouble happens when you try to access the fiery features.. so in the print menu, if you click on the drop down menu and select "fiery features" it opens the quick luanch window. This windows works fine and allows adjustment. When you go to click on "full properties", the little beachball comes up and spins forever.

On older macs in the office that are running 10.5 they work perfectly. Its only the newer macs with 10.7.

Now I know that many people have zero functions working at all, but I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing as this appears to be a compatibility issue more with the plugin alone. Is there another place I can download an up to date pluggin for Fiery features and place within Library\Printers\??

Many thanks for any help (and my apologies if this was answered in another post, I searched but didn't find anything)