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Thread: Printing a Registration mark for a cutting machine

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    Default Printing a Registration mark for a cutting machine


    I'm running a Canon IPC 6010 VP with a Fiery server A3200 system9 and CWS
    The customer just bought a cutting machine named Uchida Aerocut mainly for cutting business cards which are imposed using the CWS impose feature.The question is: Is there a way to print the Registration mark(rectangular black patch) at a specified location on the page.(please, see attached file).

    Thanks for any clue or solution.
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    Hi kalbarri,

    There is no direct way of printing a rectangular black patch at the specified location, but there is another way of doing that, you may find it useful or not.

    Firstly you have to create a single page PDF putting the rectangular black patch at the specified location where you want it to be printed on the page (make sure the page size is of the exact size of the imposed job), import this PDF to the held queue.

    Secondly, When you impose your job and save, save it as a flattened PDF job/file (select radio button save as flattened job/file option in the save preferences window)

    1. Select the blank PDF (with rectangular black patch) created, open Job Properties and goto VDP tab.
    2. In VDP tab select Create master and, create a master for this job.
    3. Process and hold this job.
    4. Now, select the flattened imposed job and open Job Properties go to VDP tab.
    5. In VDP tab select the master created from the use master list.
    6. Process hold this job

    Preview the job and check for the rectangular black patch

    I have already tried this and it works exactly the way you want.

    Also, attaching the blank PDF with rectangular black patch for your reference.

    Do get back if it doesn't work out for you, I am still trying to figure out a more simpler way to do it.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks Anshul for the reply;
    I'll try it and keep you posted.
    Another workout for business card imposition with the registration patch is to do all the job in Indesign and then print it through the cws .In fact , that's the way the customer used to do imposition(without the patch).But since they bought the canon image press c6010vp+the fiery controller and the cutting machine as well, they would like to make the most out of this new system.


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