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Thread: Fiery Remote Scan 5.7 - Canon CLC 4040

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    Question Fiery Remote Scan 5.7 - Canon CLC 4040

    I have a Canon CLC 4040 laser printer and Im having trouble using the Remote Scan software (Fiery Remote Scan 5.7).
    The software is working perfectly until i push the button for "send" . Then its scanning and when its saying "retrieve data" its working for a little
    while, then the program crashes and shut down. The file is appearing, but there is nothing in the file....anyone?

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    Smile A few ideas

    Are you using Fiery Remote Scan - which is in the latest Release package here?

    Also are you retrieving from a mailbox, or initiating a scan?
    If you're initiating a scan, you need to put the engine into scan mode first (or at least many Canon printers need this).

    A screenshot would help here

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    Default Still not working

    This is happening when I initiating a scan. Installed the latest software both on windows and mac systems and on several machines just to try, but It still crashes every time. I get this error message that the software stopped unexpectedly and a list of things i dont understand.......Fiery error.pdf.

    Putting the engine into scan mode: When i choose to scan from printer i have to put it to "online" and back to "offline" when I continue with the printing.. is this what you mean?

    PS! The link to the latest softare doesnt give me remote scan, but when I am installing it. ??
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