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Thread: Newsletter Booklet Folding Backwards/PDF Printing Too Many Pages from Variable PDF

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    Default Newsletter Booklet Folding Backwards/PDF Printing Too Many Pages from Variable PDF

    (*Newb to the Forum...)

    Ok I am using a Xerox 252 Docucolor w/Fiery V: 5.3

    I have a newsletter PDF file that was created in InDesign using Data Merge. The final piece needs to be 2 - 11" x 17" double sided pages folded and stitched to an 8.5" x 11" final piece for mailing flat.

    One issue is the piece even if I try printing one at a time is folding backwards and for some reason I cannot seem to remedy the situation, tried multiple things. Am I missing something?..

    The other issue is the PDF file that was originally created through InDesign CS5 using Variable data through Data Merge for the address list is 3,412 pages. After every 4 I need to have the pages fold and staple. How do I set this up properly? Not looking for a work around ( like setting up all 8.5" x 11" page up in the fiery to make the booklet) only interested in the proper method of doing this. I want to know the right way of setting this up. I've searched but couldn't find the full answers I was looking for.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    -Thank You!

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    Hi Matt

    first of all I would recommend you verify the Fiery controller have all the patches installed. It should show some 30 patches. I know that there are alot of patches matching "scaling/orientation" and such.

    next I read your question as if you send a single document with several thousind pages and want to Fold & Staple every 4 pages. If I understood correctly you wan't to use subset-finishing.

    This is a feature that (to my knowledge) haven't been implemented on any EFI products...
    This was at least the answer some 4 months ago on a Workcenter 77xx w/Fiery.
    It should be in development for Fiery System 10.

    This should be the patches installed... at least what it looks like on a Danish DC252 w/EFI v.1.2
    This installation should proceed automatically IF the Fiery has gateway, dns & that is the first installed Patch ...
    PRODID Product Identification Patch
    1·U8E58 Composite patch for DocuColor 242/252/260 1.0
    1·Z4E66 Composite patch for field related issu

    1-ZEDRD Cumulative patch for field issues HRJAJ and 1-ZEDRD
    1·ZG4BK Custom paper will not print to the stacker tray
    1-ZWTV6 Number of copies not honored when using Webtools on a Fiery connected to aDC252
    11QG9E Cumulative patch for field issues 1-1 1QG9E and 1·11QG8W.
    1·11 G61U Occasionally extra jobs appear on lOTs Web Application after lOT and server are restarted and locks up the lOT
    1·120MW Cumulative patch for field issues 1·120MVV and 1·YYOOO
    1-122YCW Tray selection not honored when printing files directly to print from Quark.
    1-1275R4 Cumulative patch for field issues 1-1275R4 and 1-125RZU
    1·12EYB8 Cover options in Booklet Maker does not work after installation of patch 1·ZG4BK
    1·11 FIR6 Username displayed in CWS is different when printing from Command prompt.
    1·130Y4Y Apache Web server updated to remove Network Scan vulnerabilities
    1·138HH1 Error message is displayed when collecting Fiery logs
    1-12RJPQ EFIGS Drivers for Constraint removed between A5 Page size and Saddle Printing
    1·12Y23V Samba server update to v3.0.31
    1·135XBM Slip sheet from Tray 5will not feed
    1·12Q6S5 Streaking and image stretching occurs with gray scale and rotated jobs.
    1·13062N Reprinting a RDO job from CWS printed jobs is creating load paper condition even if papers are loaded in tray.
    1-13X7B7 Support for Executive 7.25 x 10.5 size as a standard paper size.
    1-13ZPFR CMYK Quark crop marks are treated as color when prting gray using black option ON
    1-14LMT9 The Fiery downloads Dutch driver when German is selected from WebTools
    1-14JQQ9 Cumulative patch for field defects 1-14JQQ9, 1-14USY8 and 1·14VEHT.
    1·13LK3J FreeFlow 8.0 enablement patch for Docu color 242-252-260 v2.0
    1·13LADE Splash locks up when printing duplex imposed jobs with settings for image shift on the back side
    1·15BOTl Unable to access Configure from CWS5
    1·14M186 Cover is not pulled from Tray3 when using VDP settings
    1·15GESI Image in 2nd copy is stretched when compared to the 1st copy in job with slip sheets printed in grayscale mode.
    1·15T653 Printing Word files using PS or PCl driver outputs horizontal white lines or streaks in the images
    1·15DWOL AUlhenticated printing not working via LPR
    1·160S6J PDF outputs with banding on top of the page
    1·16TZlT Users can not disable Port 9100 services in the Fiery server set·up or in Configure.
    1·178Q41 User can not clear close toner door error message
    1·170XJ5 The symbols 3, Ampersand and Plus are not printed correctly when Composite Overprint is enabled.
    1-17WOT9 Printer driver preference hangs, when Microsoft ISA firewall client is enabled· EFIGS drivers.
    1·182RN1 Selling color mode to grayscale in Job Properties outputs stretched images.
    1-17LD10 Vector graphic objects outputs incorrectly.
    1·18S05B Default settings in Scan Enhancements are incorrect.
    1·18Y4HY Scan template filing via 5MB to Network Attached Storage server fails.
    1·19AZVM Job ticket media type displays incorrect information when printing to the Fiery from FreeFlow MakeReady
    1·18JU05 Jobs sent simultaneously from AS400 and Fiery driver causes the server to crash.
    1·195WFY EFIGS driver to address the resolution options are not available in application print dialog box.
    1·1ANIYH Selected pages of scanned job are not saved correctly.
    1-187PSX Configure doesnot launch when Java version 6update 20 is installed.
    1·1 B95Jl Patch to address scans listed in document order display randomly.
    1·1 BKVJ5 Cumulative patch for security fixes.
    1-1 BWMRX Fold option is not honored for jobs with custom paper size.
    1·1C9RLR Cumulative patch for WebTools and MyDocs Scan fixes.
    1·1CWEHO EFIGS driver to address fold custom sized pages issue.
    1-1 CNL1W AJob Submission error occurs when mixed media job with custom media type stocks is submitted through FreeFlow Makeready Application.
    1·1 C9RMl Blank Pages are printed when a particular file is printed with booklet settings for more than 100 copies.

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    Hi Matt,

    First, I would say that bringing the 8.5 x 11 pages into the Fiery and using the Booklet function to prepare the booklet is not a workaround. This type of job is exactly what this workflow is designed for. It allows you to compose the document pages in reader order which makes it easer to add or remove pages if needed. The booklet function then assembles the pages in the order required for saddle finishing.

    However, if the document is provided to you already composed in 11 x 17 spreads, I understand this would not be an option. To address the document folding backwards, I would make a simple test file and experiment with some of the finishing settings, such as "Face Down Prinitng" to find the setting that gives desired results.

    Finally, the newsletter with Data Merge is in effect a Variable Data Printing (VDP) job. A 3412 page document arrives at the Fiery, but every four pages represents a record. I'm not clear if you have the embedded Fiery or the external Fiery server. If you have the external, there is a feature in the VDP tab of Job Properties where you could define the record length. In your case, the record length would be four pages. When the job is printed, finishing would be applied per each record.

    If you have the embedded Fiery, this is not an option. Your other option would be to use Free Form VDP. This would require you to send the static data of the newsletter (that portion that is the same for each record) separately from the variable data. The static data would be processed as the Free Form Master. This Free Form Master will define the record length.

    When processing the variable data, you would select the Free Form Master and then apply all required finishing setting to the variable file. The finishing would take place on a per record basis. When creating the Free Form Variable file, you would have to have pages that would correspond with all of the master pages. For example, in your case, the Master would be four pages. If you were to make a job with 10 with an address to print on page four, the resulting file would be a 40 page file with the address on pages 4, 8, 12... etc. If you are setting up a data merge file in InDesign, you could set up the data merge content on the original file, then remove the static content and then save it as a separate variable file.

    Check the Fiery Command WorkStation 5 How-to link at where you can find more information about Variable Data Printing.

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    Hi Matt,

    I had the same issue when I started using my Docucolor. After many attempts with
    the printer folding backwards I changed the job settings from "face down printing" to "face up printing". That did it! You can find this setting in the job properties under the tab "finishing". Good luck!

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